The Daily Mail et al (eg Nigel Lawson)

From two different surveys [among climate experts – climate scientists actively publishing climate research in the peer-reviewed literature]  – Doran et al 2009 and Anderegg et al 2010 using different methodologies and sample sizes … arrive at the …answer [that 97% of climate scientists agree that human activity is causing global warming] ( More on the scientific consensus… ) – excellent link with a very funny video about the alleged ‘32,000 Leading Scientists’ who deny anthropogenic global warming.

But still the Daily Mail calls it a ‘controversial theory’.

I suppose that if you do not want to believe it you could kid yourself that the reason 97% of climate scientists purport to believe it is because they wouldn’t get a grant to do research, and they wouldn’t get published if they didn’t.  But then you’d be a conspiracy theorist. Long live Elvis!


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