Even if we’re Left we need the Right Wing

It’s often struck me that right-wing thinking focuses on shert-term expediency more than left-wing thinking, often against the individual’s longer-term interests. There is a difference between ‘greed’ and ‘self-interest’ if we agree that self-interest should include the long view. If we view right wing thinking which we think is misguided (eg Climate Change denial, Zombie Economics) as a kind of pathology, is there an evolutionary advantage behind its survival? Well, there is if it helps with short term fight-flight decisons – so we would need this in our species – maybe particularly in our leaders, even if it leads in some cases to disastrous leadership decisions. In any case, we are all prone to ‘motivated reasoning’ – reasoning like lawyers or sales people. Nice little video here

The Truth Hurts | Need To Know | PBS Video.


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