Monthly Archives: March 2012

On the thin skin of famous bloggers

I’ve come across an interesting phenomenon since using Twitter: some bloggers whom I respected for their apparent insight, intelligence, knowledge and where-their-heart-appears-to-be, have turned out to be neurotically sensitive to criticism of their expressed views, or even disagreement with a ‘fact’ which they have stated. And, because they were apparently hurt by my attempted correction (Blimey! Little me! Whodathunk it?) they have blocked me from ‘following’ them on Twitter. It has happened three times over the last couple of years. Am I a troll? I don’t think so.
One of them ended up being publicly disgraced over making up parts of interviews/plagiarism – so, clearly, a genuinely flawed personality.
Another tweeted to me that not only was I wrong about something I was right about – (he had claimed that a certain scientist had said in a CNN interview that hurricane Katrina was definitely caused by anthropogenic global warming, when, had he bothered to watch/listen to the end of the interview he would have realised that the scientist’s early ‘yes’ response was only a verbal place-holder, not an agreement with the question-assertion of the interviewer, because the scientist later said the data to make such and assertion would not be fully analysed until April of this year) – but ended his tweet to me with comments about my obvious display of perceptual defence and the epithet #Fail.
Another apparent giant of the blogosphere blocked me for reasons I still cannot fathom – but had the grace to reinstate me after I made a public tweet appeal to him, and then, amazingly and also somewhat neurotically, started to follow little me! And retweeted me a couple of times (so far).
So – what are we to make of all this nonsense?
I really do not know – except to think that public blogging may sometimes serve a purpose which has more to do with bolstering an insecure ego than it has to do with a desire to inform and influence (or make money from advertising).
Who knows, maybe mine, too…